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Driving Business Growth, LLC. They help businesses with credit enhancement, cost reductions, and partnerships, helping Main Street businesses use Wall Street business techniques to grow their business.


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About Thomas Gilman

I’m a Chemical Engineer/MBA with strong interpersonal skills in support of engineering, commercial, data analytics and visualization. My strengths include leadership and communicating easily understandable solutions to complex business problems. I have forty years of in-depth experience in Operations, Project Engineering, Economic Analysis, Planning, Strategy and Audit. My experience consists of a diverse background comprised of domestic and international assignments spanning Upstream, Downstream, and Commercial/Finance. I’m proficient and able to clearly communicate results from spreadsheets, visualization software including Power BI, big data including SAP, and Robotic Process Automation.
Driving Business Growth, LLC

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Improving your strategies, growing your business

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Working with a talented business coach is your first step to achieve massive results

Thomas Walsh

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What We Offer

Path to Financial Efficiency with Expert Guidance

We specialize in empowering businesses to thrive by optimizing their financial landscape. In a world where every penny counts, we bring a fresh perspective and a proven track record in cost reduction.

business credit enhancement

Our Business Credit Enhancement services are designed to empower your company by boosting its creditworthiness and opening doors to new opportunities.


We navigate complex financial landscapes, identifying suitable funding sources. Our insights and strategic guidance not only increase the likelihood of securing necessary capital but also ensure that the chosen funding avenues align with the business's long-term goals, fostering sustainable growth and success.


We champion the power of collaboration, transcending conventional partnerships to foster synergies that propel shared success.

Financial transparency

Wall Street investors require detailed financial information to assess the business’s performance and potential. Implementing robust accounting systems and financial reporting practices is crucial to gain investor confidence.

Compliance and regulation

Going public or seeking investment from institutional investors require compliance with various regulatory frameworks. This includes meeting legal and financial reporting obligations, as well as adhering to industry-specific regulations.

Scaling up operations

To attract investors and meet the requirements of Wall Street, the business needs to demonstrate growth potential. This may involve expanding production capacity, increasing market reach, or diversifying product offerings.

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